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Bird Song (Earthbound Remix) by The Underwolves

First discovered this track some ten years ago on a “Future Sounds of Jazz”-compilation, I believe. The Jazzanova tune I posted a few days ago reminded me of this great track. With a great mixture of soulful (pitched?) vocals and incredibly busy broken beat style groove, it seduces listeners and takes them into a journey in unknown territories.

Jazzanova, Little Bird

Stumbled upon this wonderful gem a few months ago. I have not really listened to Jazzanova for years so had not noticed that the album “of all things” was released back in 2008. What a huge mistake – this is by far their best release in my opinion. Thanks to Spotify for helping me discover my past! Read more for Spotify link.

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Trigbag Showtime

I remember reading an interview in the danish musicians magazine “Soundcheck” back in the late 1990s. I was a teen using all of my spare time after school messing around with synths and samplers and I found it incredibly inspiring to read about how this trio was getting massive critical acclaim for music made on a minimalist budget setup comprising a few samplers and synths which today would be more than 25 years old. I found one track on their website – this track, “Showtime” – and I instantly fell in love with their sound. Since then I was waiting for the promised album release for years until I discovered that they had dissolved without releasing anything. By coincidence I ended up googling “trigbag” almost ten years later and realized that someone had ripped an old VHS-tape and had uploaded the music video for Showtime, which truly kicks ass. Further, an album “the trigbag chronicles” was released in Trentemøllers name in 2010 with all the previously unreleased tracks (link available when clicking the read more button below).

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Boost your productivity with Chrome custom searches

Sorry for not being able to find the time to update the blog lately. This time around I have a great tip for everyone who occasionally uses a computer to go on the internet – especially if your browser of choice is Google Chrome. If it is not I suggest you consider switching, since this tip is going to rock your world and make your productivity skyrocket!

This post i based on a post on

Below, I am going to walk you through some of the custom searches I have set up in Chrome, as well as throw in a few extra tips for boosting your experience with Chrome. A custom search is basically a way to use the omnibox in Chrome (that is just a fancy word for the combined url/search bar) to do all sorts of custom ingenious searches.
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Bret Victor – Kill Math

Bret Victor – currently one of my greates sources of inspiration. In this video he shows of a proof-of-concept interface for exploring complicated math problems in an incredibly intuitive manner.

Nowadays, the main challenge of designing software is neither in building an efficient database structure, or getting the functionality right – it is all about making it accessible to a multitude of users, whom may be interacting with the software in a number of different context – from a desktop computer at home, from an iPhone commuting on a train or maybe even through some embedded device?

Bret Victor, who among many other things is a former Apple interface designer, manages to design amazingly impressive and intuitive interfaces which communicates effortlessly with the user.

Watch the video below check out his own website at or watch a somewhat longer clip featuring him on youtube:

Breakbot – Make You Mine

This may come as a surprise for the occasional visitor browsing my site, but I do actually listen to music which is not 30 years old! For the past few months I’ve been pretty addicted to this tune by Breakbot – one of the latest great masters of the french house-scene. The resemblance with Daft Punk is very striking, but there is a fresh new soulful twist to it. Lovely song – makes you happy – dancing!

Rickie Lee Jones – Chuck E’s in Love

Long time without updates!

Did I ever mention how much I love the voice of Rickie Lee Jones? This is the chart-topping pop song from 1979 which boosted her career. Her voice is amazing and so is the band providing an incredibly steady and tight groove – not to mention the astounding and addictive drumfill at 1:56. Give us back more music like this!

Bill Withers – Just the two of us

This is the track that got me out of bed this morning – dancing!

Another great classic, which has been re-recorded by artists such as Lenny Kravitz and Will Smith. There should be no doubt, however, that the original is way superior! Especially if you, like me, is a real sucker for the studio recording ideals of the past with the crispy dry drums and the distinguished warm saturated sound of analog tape recordings.

Elis Regina and Tom Jobim – Aguas de Marco

Finally decided to get to some work done on the blog after no updates for quite a while.

To celebrate that the site is now in a very close to “production-state” I have a great tune for all Jobim lovers out there. In my opinion, Elis Regina is probably the most charming and expressive vocalists that Jobim has worked with and this song truly captures the essence of that statement.

My tribute to E.S.T

This week I have something special for you!

I decided to upload a piano-cover of one of my favourite tunes by Esbjörn Svensson Trio – Eighty-Eight Days in My Veins. It is a typical E.S.T. tune combining influences from jazz as well as rock, pop and classical music.

I hope you enjoy my humble attempt to imitate the master.