Sorry for not being able to find the time to update the blog lately. This time around I have a great tip for everyone who occasionally uses a computer to go on the internet – especially if your browser of choice is Google Chrome. If it is not I suggest you consider switching, since this tip is going to rock your world and make your productivity skyrocket!

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Below, I am going to walk you through some of the custom searches I have set up in Chrome, as well as throw in a few extra tips for boosting your experience with Chrome. A custom search is basically a way to use the omnibox in Chrome (that is just a fancy word for the combined url/search bar) to do all sorts of custom ingenious searches.

What is a custom search?

Imagine being able to search wikipedia without having to first go to, click the search box and finally start typing. Instead you just type a keyword (say “wiki”) in the omnibox, press space and then start typing the query you intended to look up.

But it does not stop there! You can also use custom searches to quickly translate between languages or turn off Googles personalized search.

Here is a list of searches that I have currently set up:

Search engines

    1. Search Google with personalized seach disabled:
      (with personalized search enabled Google will use their knowledge about you to filter out stuff they don’t think you will be interested in. Some regard this “censorship” – I tend to believe it is a useful feature, as long as you know how to turn it off)
      Make a Google search restricted to results from the past year
      Make a Google search restricted to results from the past month
      Make a Google search restricted to results from the past week
      Make a Google search restricted to results from the past day
      Search Yahoo:{inputEncoding}&fr=crmas&p=%s
      Search Bing:
  • Lookup stuff on local sites

    1. Search for definitions:
      Search for synonyms:
      Search urban dictionary:
      Search wikipedia (in English):
      Search wikipedia (in Danish for any other language just replace the da. in the url):
      Search Amazon Kindle store for that new ebook (you could easily do other custom amazon searches, but I mostly use amazon for ebooks):
  • Language translation

    1. Translate from any auto-detected language to english:|en|%s
      Translate from any auto-detected language to danish (replace “|da|” in the url with your preferred language):|da|%s
  • Other utilities

    1. Possibly one of the coolest uses! Allows you to search the site you are currently visiting using the omnibox.
      Figure out if a site is down (notice that you can even use javascript in the omnibox!)
      Search Trello (a really cool webapp for managing projects, product development etc.):
      Wolfram Alpha enables you to calculate, solve math and look all sorts of stuff about science:
  • Little known “baked-in” features of the omnibox

    These are basically features of the google search engine and not the omnibox itself, so you need to have google enabled as your default search engine.

    • Currency conversion
      Just type in something like “100 usd in eur”.
      Metrics and volume conversion
      Just type in something like “5 foot 7 inches in meters” or “20 kml in mpg”.
      Simple calculations
      Just type in something like “5+5″ or 3^(1 / 2), but I suggest you use Wolfram Alpha for more complicated math problems (see above).