I remember reading an interview in the danish musicians magazine “Soundcheck” back in the late 1990s. I was a teen using all of my spare time after school messing around with synths and samplers and I found it incredibly inspiring to read about how this trio was getting massive critical acclaim for music made on a minimalist budget setup comprising a few samplers and synths which today would be more than 25 years old. I found one track on their website – this track, “Showtime” – and I instantly fell in love with their sound. Since then I was waiting for the promised album release for years until I discovered that they had dissolved without releasing anything. By coincidence I ended up googling “trigbag” almost ten years later and realized that someone had ripped an old VHS-tape and had uploaded the music video for Showtime, which truly kicks ass. Further, an album “the trigbag chronicles” was released in Trentemøllers name in 2010 with all the previously unreleased tracks (link available when clicking the read more button below).