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Take one year off every seven years?

I love TED-talks and recently stumbled upon this interesting talk. Stefan Sagmeister takes the 20%-rule made fameous by Google to the extreme and shuts down his company for an entire year every 7 years?! He even claims that the downtime goes right back into the value chain of the company by adding fresh and renewed creative energy. Imagine calling up this company just to be greeted with a voice-reply asking you to call back some time in a year!

I am not sure his experience will apply to many other companies, but the idea is quite interesting… what do you think?

Chilly Gonzales – You Can Dance

Everybody else on the internet is showing booty – and so will I. “Sex sells!”

Fortunately Chilly Gonzales did make an awesome song to accompany the impressive visuals, but I don’t suppose you care too much about that.

Crowdsourcing – exploiting the masses!

An interesting introduction to crowdsourcing – a potentially overwhelmingly powerful tool for companies to build new business models. Those companies who masters the masses and is capable of incentivizing them to work for them may be the companies capable of survival in the near future. Is it unethical or is it just second-nature of globalization on the web?

“With great hair comes great responsibility”

The above is a quote from an unknown youtuber from the comments section on this video – and man he is right. In the clip Billy Preston plays “Nothing comes from nothing at all” wearing the most funky outfit seen in recent times, the biggest afro and the widest smile. Cautious measures must be taken as this simple pop-tune contains unbelievable amounts of concentrated love – and thus it must be shared with others!

Italian organ-funk

Just discovered Sam Paglia an Italian B3-player with a distinctive funky “gangsta”-style in the veins of Medeski Martin & Wood. This funny little music video teels the story of how he hires a stand-in double to take care of the ugly bitches who won’t let him alone after gigs, all while acting as a tribute to the Moog synthsizer! Very kitsch and very cool!

Shirley Ellis – The Clapping Song

Not much to say – this simply proves that even the most silly pop-songs had way more soul and edge in the 60′s! Funny tune – makes you wan’t to dance… and clap!

Stick with mono!

This video may be slightly biased but i totally agree that stereo-recordings are highly overrated and most of the time they only serve to slur the lack of talent of the mixing engineer. Start mixing properly and give us back mono!

Recloose – Can’t Take It

To launch this blog I have a true little gem for you. This tune mixes captivating bass-lines with lovely soulful vocals and an admireable cocktail of broken beats and afro rythms to add plenty of drive.

The tune was originally released on Berlin-based !K7 Records and if you like it you may want to check out Recloose’s myspace page!