Wondering what I am up to right now?

I am usually engaged in a number of different activities, which you may read more about below:

Copenhagen Business School

I am currently an assistant teacher – or instructor as it may be called – at Copenhagen Business School. During the spring 2012 I will be teaching classes in Human-Computer Interaction, Object-Orientet Analysis and Design and Definition of Information Systems

During the fall of 2011 I have been teaching classes in Distributed Systems.


Suitable For Business

I am currently engaged primarily as a web developer in an organization called Suitable For Business. The purpose of this organization is to foster the debate on how the social sciences and humanities are influencing the business world. The new website is scheduled to launch by the end of January 2012.



This a partyband in which I play keyboards. We enjoy spicing up parties around the Copenhagen-area with a great cocktail of soul, funk and pop. Besides being part of the band since 2008, I was responsible for developing the website.


High T Band

Besides playing in Durasoul I also play in a big band. We have a very broad repertoire ranging from more ensemble-style like tunes including a number of tunes by Thad Jones to classics by Frank Sinatra and Count Basie.